31 December 2009

Looking Upward Along the Chesapeake Trail-SKYWATCH FRIDAY

Only as high as I reach can I grow,
 only as far as I seek can I go,
 only as deep as I look can I see,
 only as much as I dream can I be.

Do stop by and visit all my friends at SKYWATCH FRIDAY and share in the holiday spirit. Skywatch Friday was created by Dot, and perfected by Tom and is now hosted by Klaus. Skywatch members are Wren, Sandy, Sylvia, Louise, Fishing Guy, and Klaus.

This shot was taken on the Chesapeake Trail just outside Kilmarnok, Virginia. I walked along the trail and enjoyed the solitude of being alone under the beautiful canopy of trees reaching high into the sky. Enjoy.

29 December 2009

The Sea...

The Sea Hold

The sea is large.
The sea hold on a leg of land in the Chesapeake hugs an early sunset and a last morning star over the oyster beds and the late clam boats of lonely men.
Five white houses on a half-mile strip of land … five white dice rolled from a tube.
Not so long ago … the sea was large…
And to-day the sea has lost nothing … it keeps all.
I am a loon about the sea.
I make so many sea songs, I cry so many sea cries, I forget so many sea songs and sea cries.
I am a loon about the sea.
So are five men I had a fish fry with once in a tar-paper shack trembling in a sand storm.
The sea knows more about them than they know themselves.
They know only how the sea hugs and will not let go.
The sea is large.
The sea must know more than any of us.

Carl Sandburg

28 December 2009

Celebrating ....

My husband and I were married 19 years ago on Christmas Eve. We had a small ceremony overlooking  Lake Tahoe at 4:00 p.m. on December 24, 1990. I carried a dozen long stem pink roses and wore a Givenchy cream colored suit.

This year we celebrated locally. Had a wonderful Asian dinner at Cafe' Asia. And, I received two dozen roses, a mix of pink and red that smelled heavenly.

23 December 2009

Beautiful Skies Over Kilmarnok, Virginia-SKYWATCH Friday

The first weekend in November we attended the Urbanna, Virginia Oyster Festival. As there were no places to stay in Urbanna, I booked us into a hotel in Kilmarnok.

Kilmarnok is a short drive over Highway 3 from Urbanna. It is a pleasant little town and I enjoyed wandering about the town. The photograph above is taken at the wharf.  It appears that the town is expanding its capacity to moor boats as this area was not yet accessible by foot.

Do stop by and visit all my friends at SKYWATCH FRIDAY and share in the holiday spirit. Skywatch Friday was created by Dot, and perfected by Tom and is now hosted by Klaus. Skywatch members are Wren, Sandy, Sylvia, Louise, Fishing Guy, and Klaus. 

Happy Holidays One and All!

21 December 2009

The Big Snow Storm of Saturday December 19, 2009

We had a little snow storm on Saturday. Actually, it was the largest snow storm we have encountered since moving here eight years ago the 23rd of December.

I tried to head out to work today but the road in our development was extremely icy. The car got stuck and we worked for over an hour to get it back in the driveway. Lucky for us we were successful as the giant trash truck came lumbering down the road minutes later.

Around 11a.m. a young fellow knocked on the door and asked if we'd like our driveway cleaned. Of course I was happy he was offering to assist. He had a large front loader with a scraper on the rear. Cleaned the 2 1/2 feet of snow away in no time. He's on Christmas break from Virginia Tech where he is studying horticulture. His family lives down the valley road a couple of miles.
So, for now, our driveway is void of the snow. Tomorrow morning I will attempt to head out again for work, hopeful of course, I succeed and am able to make it to the main road.

17 December 2009

Urbanna Oyster Festival-Part 3

Longest lines were for the crab bisque at the Church

The local general store

Yummy briskets

Walking back from the wharf/dock

Lovely home along the way back from dock/wharf

Some more photographs from Urbanna Oyster Festival. Next series will be from Kilmarnok where we stayed.

16 December 2009

Urbanna Oyster Festival-Part 2

Here are some more photographs of our trip to Urbanna, Virginia for the Urbanna Oyster Festival the weekend of November 5-7. As previously noted, the weather was perfect, though a little brisk early in the day. The food, absolutely delicious. Enjoy.

03 December 2009

Clear Skies Over Kilmarnok-SkyWatch Friday Post

My husband and I spent November 5th, 6th and 7th in Kilmarnok, Virginia.We had taken a few days off to attend the Urbanna Oyster Festival. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a most enjoyable time.  I will share more of my photographs in the upcoming weeks.

Be sure to check out others SkyWatch posts. We have a great group of participants from all over the world. And, I can't tell you how much I enjoy visiting their blogs and seeing what they've been up to.