26 September 2008

U....C.....L....A.... GO BRUINS!!!

Our UCLA Bruin flag flys proudly in Botetourt County, Virginia. While I dearly miss Southern California I can hardly complain about the beautiful countryside of Virginia located right outside my door.

Saturday the 27th of September we play the Fresno State Bulldogs at our beautiful Rose Bowl. The Bulldogs are ranked 25th in the polls...alas, our Bruins are not ranked. We took a thumping from BYU last weekend.

The Rose Bowl has been home to UCLA since 1982. The Rose Bowl is located in the Arroyo Seco in the City of Pasadena and was built in 1922. It is probably one of the best college stadiums in the United States.

One of our fight songs:

"Sons of Westwood”

We are Sons of Westwood, And we hail the Blue and Gold; True to thee our hearts will be, Our love will not grow old.

Bruins roam the hills of Westwood, By the blue Pacific shore;

And when they chance to see a man from USC, Ev’ry Bruin starts to roar.

U! (3 claps) C! (3 claps) L! (3 claps) A! (3 claps)

U-C-L-A! Fight! Fight! Fight!


CountryDew said...

So did they win?

erin said...

there are problems internally and i see a change in coaching perhaps at the end of this season even though Neuheisel is in his first season.