08 November 2008

A Day in the Virginia Countryside

Paint Bank, Virginia is located on State Route 311 and is in the far northwest corner of Craig County close to the West Virginia border.

The restaurant, called the Swinging Bridge, was our destination for lunch this day and features home grown bison (I will show pictures of them in future posts). Paint Bank’s Hollow Hill Farm is home to about 200 bison and Highlander beef cattle. The meat, which is shipped all over the country is featured prominently on the restaurant's menu. There's buffalo stew, buffalo burgers, and buffalo steak sandwiches. Homemade pies, cakes, breads, and desserts top off the menu.Hubby waiting for me while I run about looking at potential photographic opportunities.
While waiting to be seated for lunch we ran into friends from my work (Jay and Joan and Alex and Ellen) who were out for the day on their motorcycles. We enjoyed a hearty lunch. A couple of us had bison stew while the others had buffalo steak sandwiches. Dessert was yummy and of course we could not pass it up. Hubby and I shared a piece of pecan pie. Jay and Joan shared a piece of pumpkin log as did Alex and Ellen.

I ventured up to the swinging bridge after lunch and snapped a photo of hubby, Jay and Alex (right to left) while they chatted about how to solve the world's problems.

Here is the swinging bridge that is above the restaurant dining room. It is firmly anchored and you walk across it to get from one side of the gift shop to the other. You can also walk around but it isn't nearly as fun. The restaurant decor is quite interesting and features a bevy of taxidermy animals. I will share them in a future post.

After lunch we decided to follow the bikers and ventured further into the Virginia countryside along route 600. I will share more photos in future posts.

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Denise said...

Hello there, thanks for stopping by. I have enjoyed my visit here and if you don't mind I am going to put a link to your blog in my sidebar as I would like to revisit. These photos are great and that looks like an interesting place to visit. Thanks for sharing your travels and have a great weekend.