22 July 2009

Brenda Starr-Girl Reporter

While browsing about in Abingdon this past weekend with Di from The Blue Ridge Gal , I came across this Brenda Starr book in one of the many antique stores we visited.

Yes, I got to meet Di and Ms. Di is the best. I so enjoyed her company and, having her share the two hour journey coming and going with me. I will have to admit, I miss not having someone to tag along with me on my trips into the wilds of Virginia. Hoping we can have more adventures in the future. Thanks Di! And, the mirror is perfect as your current header.

I did snag a few items which I will share with you in another post. But, I thought I would share the Brenda Starr book with all of you. It caught my eye.

Brenda Starr was of course, a woman ahead of the times; here's a little bit of history about her and the comic strip:

Brenda Starr is a comic strip about a glamorous, adventurous reporter. Created by Dale Messick for the Chicago Tribune Syndicate, it initially encountered resistance from Tribune editor Joseph Medill Patterson, because its creator and main character were both women(go figure). Although set in Chicago, in its early years it was the only syndicate strip not to appear in the Tribune itself. When the strip debuted June 30, 1940, it was relegated to a supplement, but soon appeared in the Sunday paper. A daily strip was added in 1945.

Brenda has always been a modern woman, noted for her exotic adventures and steamy romances. Dale Messick and later artists concentrated on keeping Brenda contemporary in clothing and hairstyles. Before Messick retired, Brenda finally married the mysterious Basil St. John, whose eye patch and black orchid serum have been a regular plot element. Brenda had Basil's baby, shortly thereafter. It was a girl named Starr Twinkle St. John


Alyson (New England Living) said...

I love cool finds like that on shopping adventures!

Daryl said...

I loved Brenda Starr .. loved Basil .. I had forgotten they had a baby ... I even had Brenda Starr paper dolls!

Anonymous said...

Star Twinkle? Now that I did not know. Perhaps we could introduce her to Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa... old Frank's kids??

The Blue Ridge Gal

CountryDew said...

I can't believe I didn't know about this. I recognize the name but that is all. Thanks for that great history lesson.

Gaelyn said...

How great to hook up with fellow bloggers and have a fun day.
I love the Brenda Starr book. Did you buy it? That was a comic series I always kept up on living in the Chicago suburbs. She was a woman to look up to. Thanks for that memory. Look forward to seeing some other of your purchases.